Vegan Specialized

Vegan population is growing across the globe,

equally among cultures, religions and nationalities, driving a new market. Studies suggest that the vegan population would live longer and healthier with ~15% lower risk of dying prematurely.Vegan or vegetarian eating is going to be a future trend and it's a lifestyle choice. It includes health benefits along with ethical and environmental concerns. Various companies are working across the globe to cater to this market and have launched a number of products. The market size has more than doubled over the last 5 years. The challenges faced by the vegan/ vegetarian population is fulfilling all the essential nutritional requirements specially protein, Vit B 12, Vit D, Iron, Calcium. A few also have doubts on sufficient nutrients for glowing skin, taste or availability. India has a vast pool of herbal and plant resources, rich in nutrients and can be used to develop good quality vegan products with all the required nutrients.

We at Amicures determine the nutrients

from various plant sources and optimise the portions to make them available in our products. We also work on the fortification technique to provide required nutrients in a particular product. The Ayurveda, primarily dependent on natural lifestyle, guide our way while selecting the resources, and carefully analyse and obtain the resources such as leafy green, beans, lentils; alternatives of milk products, chia seeds, algae, fungi, yeast etc. so we put our best to develop products which provide the required nutrients to vegan population and enable them to maintain metabolism. Currently, we have developed plant based food supplements having optimised contents of protein, desired minerals and vitamins, and immunity boosters.

We have a good network of researchers globally,

who can add value to customise the products range as per the nutrients requirement of the population in the respective geographies. We have a team of Ayurveda experts, biotechnology engineers and botanists who regularly work on improvising our combinatorial design by acquiring advanced knowledge in the area and creating new patentable product lines.

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