Scientific Advisory Consulting

We have a unique working team having multidisciplinary experts providing complementary skills and connected to a common objective of providing any kind of Pharmaceutical/Herbal production. We have a variety of experts working with us as scientific researchers, renowned doctors, Plant scientists on board. The team covers global work experience & expertise from Science, Technology, Intellectual Property, Marketing and sales perspectives as well. Our regular interaction with customers and experts provide us insights to develop innovative products based on user requirements and also advantageous to society. We have a good synergy of technical, IP and regulatory to understand the plant requirement and develop a cost effective method of manufacturing various APIs, starting materials and other herbal and pharmaceutical products.

How We assist:

We help pharmaceutical and herbal manufacturing companies in four different ways:
  • 1. Understand your requirement

    and analyse the existing market and research to analyse various cost effective and commercial viable production method for the target API or starting material or targeted herbs for extraction and provide you a report detailing various method by using patented and Non-patented technology.
  • 2. If you have R&D

    and would like to develop using any of the method selected from our first report, we can help and guide your team to work around that and develop a method for you and also guide to work around the existing technology without infringing the same if it is patented.
  • 3. We have a strong network

    of researcher and our lab and other required analytical machine to verify and validate the output, so we can develop a desired method for you by involving our team with a cost efficient way and provide the final process to you. Also if the method is novel, we will help you to protect as intellectual property.
  • 4. If you would want us

    to develop a pilot batch which can be implemented to your manufacturing plant, we can work on that and help you to implement the developed method into your plant and also provide a training to your team.