We are primarily working on Finished Dosage Formulation (FDF),

our FDF is available in various forms,such as tablets, capsules, syrups, injectables, transdermal patches, parenterals etc. At present we are targeting the generic market with our range of generic formulations, however, our Research & Development team is actively working on some of our own innovative formulations. The objective and focus is to come up with innovative patentable pharmaceutical formulations, new drug delivery systems and methods which will be efficient, cost effective, accessible and thus, easily available by all members of our society.

At present we are manufacturing and marketing products

in the area of Antibiotic, Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic, Muscle Relaxant, Anti-Ulcerant, Gastric Disorder, Anti-Allergic, Calcium, Haematinic, Anti-Oxidant & Multivitamin products. Our next focus is to expand the offered products landscape by covering area of oncology and cardiology.

Amicures is expanding by extending our capabilities

to entire pharmaceutical life cycle, such as developing different type of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), New Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS), Contract Research and other Manufacturing Services (CRAMS). We are keenly working for developing quality based and time driven long term strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, institutions and R&D centres, This will help in maintaining end to end statutory policy compliances and also in expanding pharmaceutical businesses for everyone part of life cycle. We are effectively using modern Information technology tools and standard compliant policies in our manufacturing, delivery, and marketing processes, this value addition, increases our operating margins for FDF drugs and in turn helps us achieve our objective of delivering quality products at affordable pricing structure. Our further aim is to expand the CRAMS and API in our business in a way so to keep our operating margins higher, which we use for research and IT enabled manufacturing for developing and optimizing processes through various stages in drug development.

Our Products