institutional alliances

Amicures believes in building a network of innovative minds to address the unmet medical needs of society. We are very active in collaborating with various academia, research institutions and individual researchers/innovators to study and analyse various problems associated with different diseases and work on the solutions. These solutions are oriented to help patients overcome/manage these diseases/disorders. One of our objectives is to continue doing research and development to produce solutions and make them reach every corner in our society in a very cost effective manner.

An idea on paper or mind remains just an idea. We endeavor to convert ideas to a workable concept by guiding the inventors/researchers. For this, Amicures has a strong IP team for partnering with inventors/researchers and guide them in developing an idea to a patentable invention, which has a market potential. We regularly work with different research and development centers and collaborate with them to develop a cost effective solution to the unmet medical needs across the Globe. Our strategy is also to obtain IP protection on these solutions.

We have a Knowledge

sharing platform, which can be used by any individual, R&D center, academia, to access this platform and share ideas. Our team of experts discusses and guides the concerned researcher on her/his idea, based on the medical need and orients the research towards solutions which can also be protected under patents, and which can be commercialized. Most importantly, we also believe in sharing profit with the inventors on the commercialized products.



Already, 4 Indian universities, 7 individual inventors/researchers and some independent research and development centers have become a part of this network. We have generated more than 100 ideas and have planned to increase our network in the year ahead to enhance the research oriented ideas.

We welcome all

those who have zeal to work for a healthy society, to share your ideas which we can collectively develop into effective solutions. This platform not only works for bringing better health solutions, but also helps the researchers/innovators who do not have sufficient facilities to bring their ideas to work.


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