Amicures have an objective of providing preventive health care solutions.

Keeping personal hygiene is one of the effective ways of protecting yourself from unwanted health challenges. Due to an increased awareness about personal hygiene, individuals are driving the market and have needs to depend on natural sources for the same.A product requirement is anticipated to drive the growth of herbal based hygiene products. Globally experts and users are getting concerned alike, about the potential harmful impact of using artificial chemical formulation for personal care. Hence, preference to natural resources (herbal/ plant based) for hygiene products. India is rich in it's knowledge and cultivation of herbal resources, backed by a strong foundation of Ayurveda knowledge. It gives us an opportunity to utilise and develop various products to meet desires and demand of the market.

We at Amicures are working on identifying the herbs/ plants

which has been used since ancient times and have been recognised for its effective role in personal hygiene, extracting the specific ingredients, optimising the concentration and most importantly using a modern technology like nanotechnology to develop the formulation to make it more user compliance with reduced toxicity. Nanotech based delivery helps to enhance the effectiveness with a small quantity and it also goes very well with traditional Ayurveda concepts.

At Amicures we are developing a range of products based on nanotechnology

which are antimicrobial herbal rub, disinfectant cleaning solutions, antimicrobial body wash, hand wash, soap, shampoo etc. we have more innovations in the pipeline. We have developed hand rub which is formulated by using selective herbs that work synergistically for effectively hand sanitization process. It also protects the skin from dryness, rashes and flakiness while providing sufficient nourishment and hydration. Organic compounds are optimized with selective herbs to enhance the effect of ethanol that helps to destroy the protein covering of viruses. It is safer because of the herbal gel formulation. It has no artificial colour and uses natural essential oils while providing minimal inflammation. Alcohol used in the solution is IP grade and approved for quality. We have also formulated a Silver/Copper Nanotech-based Multipurpose Non-bleaching Disinfectant Spray using advanced green technology for effective anti-bactericidal, anti-fungal & anti-viral applications. It is Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, biodegradable and tested at Advance Research & Laboratory accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration (NABL). We have also launched a Silver Nano/herbal Antimicrobial Body wash, Hand wash, Face wash, Shampoo etc. the formulation is developed employed with certified organic and natural ingredients and nano silver infused formulation for effective anti-microbial effect by an advanced green technology. We have many other products in the pipeline and would like to expand our arms globally. Our domestic market is growing well and extending to service global markets.

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