Our country’s major population (by some estimates up to 3 quarters) use herbal products,

easy access, less side effects are important rationales along with cheap availability for popularity behind these products.With time local as well as global population is going towards herbal medicines, products, and dietary supplements. Many organizations across the globe are working to include herbal products in their offerings in a very structured and efficient manner for capturing the ever growing market. The market for herbal formulations/ products is increasing worldwide and especially in developing countries as it provides an alternative to otherwise costlier medicines in a convenient way. Further, using ourcombinational approach of IT expertise and modern manufacturing, packaging, distribution techniques with deep knowledge of traditional health care, we give an excellent range of products in improving health conditions with minimum cost.

We have a team of Ayurveda experts,

biotechnological engineers and botanists who regularly work on improvising our combinatorial design by acquiring advance knowledge in the area and creating new patentable product line.We are continuing to expand our production of herbal medicinal, dietary supplemental and cosmeceutical products by process of discussing with inventors, acquiring new ideas, converting them into patentable inventions and thereby launching effective yet approachable products. Further, we follow a stringent quality assessment by using high-end modern technology which assures the high quality, safety and efficacy of our products.

Besides pharmaceutical formulation development,

Amicures has initiated efforts to develop herbal based formulations for a range of various antioxidants with other required active ingredients. Our current target is to develop formulations for diseases such as cancer, obesity, stress and ageing. Our primary approach is to work on antioxidants, which are especially derived from natural sources in particularly from Indian medicinal plants and then the herbal actives derived from them. We firmly believe that antioxidants have huge potential to not only cure the disease, but act on various levels of prevention, interception, repair and regenerate during the life cycle of a disease or a medical condition. We are working with different academia, research institutions and expanding our research landscape in detecting unique and novel actives in selected plants for developing formulations which are having a great therapeutically demonstrable effect. Our research process involve serious scientific efforts in selection of herbs having specific medicinal actives and extracting the actives using in a way to get 100% action with higher bioavailability of the same. Also our screening methods ensure that there is no contamination in the extracted actives.

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