Global Presence

We strive to become a world leader in providing affordable and healthier lifestyles,

longevity solutions using technology and innovation. Amicures is not just expanding its reach in various parts of India, but globally. Our Board of Advisors consists of experts from different parts of the world including the USA, Russia, and Germany. Amicures has a representative office in the USA.Our current product line has various innovative products, namely D Wa (herbal water) and plant-based products focusing on vegan consumers. With our focus on R&D, we are in the process of receiving several regulatory approvals in both developed and emerging markets.

This will help us to expand our business presence

in African countries, South East Asia, and the Middle East countries. We do plan to expand to alternative export destinations like the USA and Western Europe. We are also looking for a long term business partnership with companies outside India to enable us to expand our marketing network.

Our Products