Business Alliances

Our Information technology based qualitative Research & Development is expanding with in-house innovations and also by associating with different research institutions, academia to help and produce patentable innovative products. Amicures has a strong foot hold and plans to grow inorganically by strategic alliances ranging from arm’s-length contract to joint venture, minority equity investments, equity swaps, joint R&D, joint manufacturing and other productive associations.

We have a team

which is regularly meeting, discussing and working on the strategic merger and acquisitions of different small companies or patent portfolios of research centres or companies. Also as we aware that the multinationals are expanding extensively into the Indian markets through acquisitions and other association (expected around 60.0% by 2015), Amicures is open to see any kind of avenue for the 2nd level growth.


Also, we believe that a foreign association will enable our company to gain a foothold in the Western regulated markets, diversify our portfolios, acquire recognized brands, and gain more R&D capabilities. It is important for us to branch out into specialty and difficult-to-produce therapeutic segments, from just commodity generics, in order to sustain ourselves in the market and we believe that, with the aim of our business alliances, it will be easier to achieve.


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